The Gallery Team

This gallery is the vision of two local artists and teachers of nearly 20 years arts experience in beautiful Okotoks, ALBERTA. 

Cheryl and Janifer started the Rage Against Beige Art shows 16 years ago which helped transition our local art gallery, then The Station, into the current, accredited Okotoks Art Gallery. The OAG not only showcases our rural, Western heritage but exciting contemporary art now as well.

Working with many artist friends on this show and others via community arts involvement in Okotoks, it was clear 12 years ago there was a need for this type of gallery to help showcase all the wonderful talent we have in the Foothills Region. Taking the plunge in 2016 after raising their children, and in one of the most challenging economic outlooks for Alberta, Janifer and Cheryl purchased this beautiful, historic home.

Many cups of tea were involved in this decision with a number of local artist friends including Erica Neumann, Laurie Sommerville and later Jennifer Hudec. While Lineham House is now run as a family business with Cheryl, her husband Owen Key and daughter Hanna, it strives to continue to bring you the best that Southern Alberta has to offer in all things art. All while constantly pursuing wonderful experiences in artful living for their clients and the community.

Cheryl Taylor
Proprietor and Artist

Jennifer Stables

Resident Artist



Janifer Calvez
Past Co-Proprietor &  Artist